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As fully insured group health plans increase in premium, captive health plans are becoming a very attractive option. In many cases if claims are high, the total cost for our plan is the same or even a little less than the fully insured plans. If claims are normal or low, the company will save money. Our program is designed for companies 25 employees and up.


Nationwide Network of Providers

We only use Nation Wide Networks. We feel that employees should be able to choose their doctors and hospitals without restrictions. Cigna & Aetna are the nation wide networks that we use most often.

Lower Group
Health Costs

Group Health cost consist of Operating Costs and Claim Costs. We keep operating Costs low by using multiple qualified vendors to keep competition high. Paying accurate claims, low claim caps, passing on discounts to the employer, and finding lower cost alternatives keep claims low. Health & Wellness lowers high cost claims.

Accurate Detailed
Claims Data

Employers can’t lower their group health claims if they don’t have accurate claims data. Unfortunately many carriers don’t offer claims data or give inaccurate generalize information. Penn Freedom provide very detailed claims date that allows employers to that cost saving action.

Reduce Large Claims

Large claims are the main driver of premium increases. We have proven strategies that lower large claims.

Lower Deductible

Many business owners choose to lower employee deductibles with their Health Insurance savings.

Lower Employee Contribution

Companies have the option of lower the Employee Contribution, which increases a their retention rate.

Our Services

We Provide Comprhensive Services

We’ve got you covered.

Health Coach

Our Health Coaches consist of a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, and Dietitians. The main focus of the Health Coach is improving the medical, dietary, exercise and stress health of your employees. This is accomplished by setting attainable goals providing the resources to accomplish those goals.

Wellness Program

Our goal for every employee is to be aware and doctor for their health issues and to engage in prevention for future health issues. We focus on lowering and preventing claims for employees that have a health issue. We accomplish this by confidentially identifying who has a health issue. Then our Health Coach can have a one-on-one conversation with the employee. We work hand in hand with the employees family doctor.

Third Party Administrator

A third party administrator is an independent company that processes insurance claims and provides detailed accurate claims data. We only work with independent third-party administrators who have a proven track record of saving money by auditing all claims over $5,000.
Our agency employs a Health Coach who will have one on one contact with employees to help them manage their health.

Dedicated Account Executive

We have a group of licensed health insurance agents who are knowledgeable about your plan and have direct contact with the Third Party Administrator and Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

Rx Manager

A pharmacy benefit manager is responsible for managing your pharmacy claims. This includes offering employees lower cost Rx alternatives, negotiate discounts, rebates, and coupons. All of the savings are passed on to the group and members of the group. The Rx Managers that we work with have nationwide networks.

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Our insurance coverage evaluations are totally free. We our insurance packages are accepted by %50 of all the clients who meet with us. That speaks volumes about the quality of our plans amongst the industry.

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