Advantages to the Employer

  • Federal income-tax deductible premiums
  • Desirable fringe benefit to offer new employees
  • Reduced turnover, saving your money in hiring and training costs
  • Contributes to employee security, loyalty, and higher morale
  • Valuable life insurance protection provided at a low group rate

Advantages to the Employee

  • Valuable life insurance protection provided at a low group rates
  • Right to name and change beneficiaries at any time
  • Waiver of Premium Disability Benefit rider is available at no extra cost

Key Employee Life

A Key Employee is someone that would cause your business a financial loss if they were no longer working. This form of Life Insurance is to replace that financial loss if a Key Employee becomes deceased.

Buy Sell Life Insurance

Under this plan, the life insurance policy is obligated to purchase the owner’s interest. The benefit would be paid to the deceased owner’s beneficiary and the shares of the company will be transferred to the remaining owners.

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