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Welcome to our website!

Since 1947, Matson Insurance has been an industry-leader by following one overriding principle: Give every customer your undivided personal attention coupled with outstanding customer service.
Our reputation of providing the best possible customer service is evident throughout this website and our concern for your on-line quote. You can get a quick and easy on line quote right here, just like all those other on-line insurance services. But, with Matson Insurance there's a difference. Your on-line quote with Matson Insurance comes with the advice and experience of a licensed insurance professional. So, you can feel confident you're gettting the right coverage for you, your family and your business.  
Why do 6 out 10 make the switch to Matson?

It's simple, really.  Matson Insurance believes outstanding customer service starts on Day 1. It starts with making sure you get the best possible coverage at the best possible price.  
Six out of every 10 people referred to Matson Insurance, will tell you they switched because Matson Insurance gave them a lower premium, or getting more coverage, or both.

We value your business at Matson Insurance.
Click a quote button above and let us
go to work for you today.